[sword-devel] Flashcards Mobile

Steven J. DeRose sderose at acm.org
Mon Sep 15 13:16:19 MST 2008

Troy, I tried out crosswire.org/fc/g from my iPhone 3G --

I got to the "Generating Lessons" page, then clicked on the "Mobile 
Lessons" link. That took me to a page headed "Flashcards" with 2 
links below ("John 1.1-John.1.51.1" and "John 1.1-John.1.51.2" -- not 
sure what the last token is for); but clicking either of those links 
just got me "Safari can't download this file".

Also, at least for the iPhone, I'd recommend adding more vertical 
space between links -- especially in portrait mode, they're a little 
hard for me to hit accurately. Also pump up the overall size 
especially on the very first page (including the textbox to fill in a 
reference range) -- too small for my old eyes (I do wish Safari 
iPhone had a "use minimum font size" setting like Safari Mac.....).


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>Hey guys.
>I'm looking for some cell phone testers, J2ME (most all phones), and
>also someone with an iPhone.
>We have recently added a web based dynamic lesson generator for our
>flashcards package.
>The way it works, is that the page asks you for a range of Scripture.
>It will then collate and sort all words found in the supplied range and
>create flashcard lessons from these words.
>The idea is that when one is having a Greek or Hebrew study group and
>they know they will be reading, say Romans 4-5 next week, they can
>generate vocab for just those chapters and polish their memory during
>the week.  At least that is why I wanted this feature :)
>Lessons are produced in 3 formats:
>iPhone Micro-Web-Based
>Here's the catch.  The generation task is fairly machine intensive, and
>it might not be concurrency-safe.  I am not looking to break things in
>these two ways right now.  Just looking for phone feedback.  SO PLEASE:
>Pick a small Scripture range.  Don't experiment just for fun yet.  I'll
>be working of stability and optimization after things are being produced
>I have no idea how the web-based app will display on any micro-browser.
>   I tried to use small controls.  Right now we're not displaying the
>pre-rendered images for the webapp.  I'd like to see how the iPhone does
>with UTF-8 Greek and Hebrew.  If we need to, we can switch over to the
>pre-rendered images.
>Here's the link.  Again, please be kind to our server and be patient for
>any lesson you ask to generate for more than a couple chapters.  It does
>cache requests, so if you ask for the same request, it won't regenerate.
>  From your phone:
>Appreciate any feedback.
>	-Troy.


Steve DeRose -- http://www.derose.net, email sderose at acm.org

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