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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Sep 13 00:43:08 MST 2008

I would guess if we build lucene indexes for that Bible, the lucene 
would search ignoring accents?

Or that module is not UTF-8?

We have filters that we use on ancient Greek texts that allow searching 
regarless of diacritics.  He could add a set for any language, but I'm 
not sure if this is the right location to place responsibility.  Maybe 
if it was an ICU filter that could work for any language-- like if it's 
just a normalization problem.  We could use that one filter for all 
Bibles like we do the filter for Greek.

Not sure, just thinking out loud.


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Thanks. this is a known problem which caases a lot of difficulties - in all languages which rely on diacritics.
> There is a plan to improve the search facility.
> Peter
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>> Betreff: [sword-support] Locales
>> Peace and love to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, our Lord, from
>> Jan, His weak servant.
>> I am sorry to inform you about an error in the search engine of The Bible
>> Tool. While using Czech the search does not correctly interprets all the
>> letters with diacritic, e.g.
>> while typing the request: 
>> Nesl svůj kříž
>> http://www.crosswire.org/study/wordsearchresults.jsp?searchTerm=Nesl+sv%C5%AFj+k%C5%99%C3%AD%C5%BE
>> the result says that there is 
>>> 0 result in the text of Czech Ekumenicky Cesky preklad<
>> even the searched text was copied & pasted directly from it.
>> I hope, it neads only the minor repair only, while the search gives good
>> results while looking for the phrases w/o Czech specific letters 
>> Wish: the search default is "exact match" hence:
>>> Co jsem napsal, napsal< gives result
>> but
>>> co jsem napsal, napsal< gives 0 result
>> As  people use the search to help their poor memory, I wish to realy help
>> them with less "censorious" matching criteria. These can be useful in the
>> "Advanced search".
>> God helps to your "Opus Dei"
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