[sword-devel] ESV Markup Challenge

Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Fri Sep 12 04:12:48 MST 2008

Quoting "Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe at crosswire.org>:

> locks up!  I'll try to have a look, if no one gets to it before me.  The
> Interlinear NT you point out has an interesting story.  Apparently
> Crossway paid the Logos guys to mark up their NT for them and have
> license the data back from Logos.  This keeps Crossway from being able
> to give that data to us or any other freely distributable project.  We'd
> like to help them with better data under a better license :)

OK, that explains a lot :) BTW, I bought that interlinear for a friend  
and it was very useful to him. I would also love a more free/open  
interlinear, especially because I think ESV is the best non-dynamic  
English translation. Maybe I will help if I find time.

--Eeli Kaikkonen

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