[sword-devel] Diaspora.exe and palm bible+

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Sep 2 08:52:36 MST 2008

I am a bit confused by a message I saw on the forum regarding Diaspora. 


Chris states that diaspora.exe is withdrawn and should not get distributed as this would be a violation of Crosswire's copyrights. The copy  I have is GPL licensed, tough in absence of source that is not worth much. If there is no source about, distribution would indeed be in violation of the GPL.

Diaspora is though - apart from various nefarious uses - also part of the approved way of creating Palm Bible+ modules.


It appears to be associated (remotely) to Crosswire and is linked to from the front page.

Could I get some clarification regarding this piece of software? Is there a compelling legal reason to suppress it (apart from stupid abusers). Should we remove the link to Palm Bible+? Is there a better way of getting new modules into palm Bible+ format?



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