[sword-devel] ESV module tidying

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Oct 30 09:30:20 MST 2008

"'Mash" <mashdot at toshine.net> writes:
> I have been using the ESV module for some time now, mainly though
> "diatheke" on the CLI and was wondering if it is possible to help with
> the correcting of typographical errors and general tidying. By this I
> mean the spacing of words, punctuation spaces and misplaced line
> breaks.
> For an example which I noticed today you can look at Isaiah 1:11-14.
> "Isaiah 1:12: 
> When you come to appear before me,who has required of youthis trampling of my courts?"

What version of Sword utilities do you have?

I am running 1.5.11, and I do not get a single-line output from Is1:12:

[1515] [12:28 PM] styx:~> diatheke -b ESV -k is1:12
Isaiah 1:12: 
When you come to appear before me,
who has required of you
this trampling of my courts?


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