[sword-devel] Ideal SWORD Front-end? (cross-platform)

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 08:44:31 MST 2008

I would like to mention FireBible, which uses JSword at the backend and 
XUL at the front end - built as a Firefox extension. This allows it to 
work across Windows, Linux and the Mac.

Though there hasn't been a release in ages, it's actually just the final 
10% of the work left to make the next version release worthy and I have 
been too busy with my day job to attend to this, but I hope to have some 
free time on my hands shortly.

As Jon mentioned, FireBible benefits from being able to output advanced 
HTML and CSS (though it does not do anything fancy yet) and have it 
rendered by something as mature as Firefox.

Here is the FireBible home page: http://thegoan.com/firebible/
Here is a blog post on the current status: 


Matthew Talbert wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, would you still be developing in Python with xul?
>> One that you have missed that the BPBible developers are seriously
>> considering is XUL.  This is the platform used by Mozilla, so
>> applications like Firefox and its extensions are written using XUL.
>> This certainly makes it cross platform, though I'm not going to
>> comment on how much it feels like it is cross-platform.  This gives
>> you the advantage of a good, solid HTML renderer and a reasonably well
>> tested cross platform environment.  There are many potential
>> disadvantages that we will have to evaluate carefully, but both
>> wxPython and PyQt are quite annoying to work with in a few different
>> ways (and I've had to work with both of them), and I would expect a
>> good XUL based platform to work better.
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