[sword-devel] Ideal SWORD Front-end? (cross-platform)

Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Wed Oct 22 01:39:08 MST 2008

Yes, it's not such a big thing to have two front-ends on a BitTorrent  

BPBible is made with wxPython... but there is only a Windows download,  
not sure if Ben Morgan is planning to support other OSes.

Qt certainly sounds good on paper, and if the likes of Skype and Opera  
are made with it, then a lot is possible.
Calibre is an app made with PyQt that isn't incredibly well done on  
Mac... though at least the toolbar collapses.

I hadn't heard of JavaFX. So it's a 2d scene graphic on top of Swing  
that competes with Flex and Silverlight?
It may be better in this case, simply because JSword already exists.

A custom skinned Flex/AIR app that uses E4X to deal with OSIS could be  
interesting. Flash 10 is out now, which has bidi support for Hebrew/ 
Arabic, and some other fancy text handling from Adobe. The Flex SDK  
and toolset aren't quite there yet... maybe an official beta at Adobe  
MAX in 3 weeks.

Still, individual desktop applications have the greatest potential.  
MacSword 2 (or 3) could use Core Animation in subtle ways, or perhaps  
to visualize search results.

- nathan

On 21-Oct-08, at 10:47 PM, Greg Hellings wrote:

> GTK and Qt offer the best looking results that I've seen - I've not
> used them in programming myself, but they come well recommended by my
> friends.  Qt looks much better in OS X in my opinion, than GTK, and
> they both look superb in Windows.  I've used wxWidgets, which looks
> decent, but lacks quite a bit of functionality and just feels a little
> cobbled together (many classes or options simply don't exist or do
> nothing on some platforms, etc).
> I've heard good things about wx in Python, though.  People often put
> up the BitTorrent program as an example of an application written
> across platforms using it.  But graphically it's pretty low-intensity.

Nathan Youngman
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