[sword-devel] iPhone NDA dropped

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Wed Oct 22 00:30:19 MST 2008

Am 22.10.2008 um 07:29 schrieb Nathan Youngman:

> Though not entirely relevant to Sword, the thing I find the most
> distasteful is when various open source licenses don't get along.

That's true. Open-Source should be "open source". After all one  
license is more the other less open source.


> On 21-Oct-08, at 9:35 PM, Chris Little wrote:
>> No. This is absolutely incorrect.
>> We get discussions about what the terms of the GPL are or why we
>> should
>> change the license once or twice a year, so feel free to dig up one  
>> of
>> the old discussions or confirm this from a third party, such as the
>> FSF,
>> if you like.
>> Sword is licensed under the GPLv2 and only under that version of that
>> license. The GPL states that any derived works must give the same
>> license terms as those terms under which the original work was
>> licensed.
>> It is not permitted to give more/fewer/different rights than exactly
>> that set contained within GPLv2. So any derived work based on GPLv2
>> code
>> must be GPLv2. Since frontends are derived works, "all frontends
>> MUST be
>> GPLv2 licensed."
>> The term "GPL compatible" does not mean that you can integrate GPL  
>> and
>> GPL compatible code and license it under a (non-GPL) GPL compatible
>> license. It means that you can integrate GPL and GPL compatible code
>> and
>> license it under the GPL (only).
>> --Chris
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