[sword-devel] Beta module testing update

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Oct 9 18:45:19 MST 2008

Brian J. Dumont wrote:
> Thanks for noting this.  Last time I had looked, my two genbooks were 
> marked "ready", but their status was since changed.  Who is the right 
> person to ask what the comments mean?  Both genbooks that I put together 
> are marked:
>     Doc is HTML wrapped in ThML. Needs to be made valid. xxx validation
>     errors.
> I was able to operate on both in kxmleditor.  What program is used to 
> determine validation errors?  I'm willing to alter the files if I know 
> what I'm looking to change ...

There have at various times been many modules in testing that were 
marked "ready" when they really weren't.

To my recollection, in the case of these two modules, the text was HTML, 
but not ThML. ThML is much more strict than HTML, since they former is 
based on an XML DTD. A document in HTML needs some work to be converted 
to ThML beyond simply wrapping it in <ThML.head> and <ThML.body> elements.

That means all tags need to be lowercase. All attribute values need to 
be in quotes. All open tags need a corresponding closing tag--and 
milestone-type tags need a closing slash at the end. Etc.

Any validator capable of DTD validation will suffice. msv, xmllint, 
Topologi, Oxygen, etc. should all be capable. I'm sure kxmleditor has 
some sort of validation capability built in, but don't know the specifics.


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