[sword-devel] versification and fooling osis2mod

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Oct 2 01:26:53 MST 2008

Dear Daniel,

Troy has reworked the whole versification business in libsword. There are now two different ways for divergent canons and versifications: 

1) it is possible to have several statically defined canons and versifications
2) via GenBook it is possible to introduce new dynamically defined versifications for individual modules.

We discussed the matter at length when he stayed here and we decided that we would try and incoprorate a number of important canon/versification variations statically. I have started to work on an RC canon/versification file based on New Jerusalem Bible (which I think is quite ubiquitous irrespective of language)  which is about  1/2 done. It is not committe dto svn yet.

I will not be able to continue working on this for the next fortnight or so due to travel. I you want to pick things up from here  then I would be delighted.

Once this is in svn the new svn version of sword should accept your complete module without problems (unless it introduces versification divergences all of it self).

Yours in him


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