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On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 12:54 AM, Daniel Owens <dhowens at pmbx.net> wrote:

>  I am working on a module for a Catholic translation that has
> deuterocanonical books as well as additional verses in Daniel 3 (vv.
> 24-90--in the LXX, though Crosswire LXX modules drop the extra text). If
> anyone working on dynamic versification would like access to the OSIS file,
> I am happy to send it to you privately for testing purposes.
> I know I can't compile the module with the deuterocanonical books, but I
> don't want to drop text from the book of Daniel if possible. There are two
> issues I would like help with:
> 1. Compiling with the extra verses in Daniel causes the entire book of
> Daniel to not be included in the module. Is there a way to fool osis2mod
> into including that text?

Right now, I believe, you could just roll them all into verse 23 -- it's not
very pretty, but it's likely the most straightforward method of doing it.
DM is, last I heard, working on updating osis2mod to incorporate support for
the current alternatve versification scheme that's been added to the
engine.  However, he was wrapping up some other bugs that were outstanding
in osis2mod before he did that.

> 2. The printed text uses a plus sign for those verses which aren't in the
> Hebrew text. The osisID after v. 23 should be: Dan.3.24!+, ... Dan.3.90!+,
> Dan.3.24, .... At this point, however, OSIS doesn't allow for a plus symbol
> in the osisID variable. I need some way to preserve the printed order and
> referencing. Does anyone know how to do that?

I think that's still going to be a limitation of the current system.  I know
the printed copy of the Jerusalem Bible that I use has, in some places, at
least two different versification schemes used simultaneously.  One of those
places is in Daniel 3:25/91 through the end of that chapter, where each
verse is given two numbers, one to satisfy the LXX numbering and the other
the version more customary to those in the English Protestant world.  A
second place is from Ps 10-147 in our English bibles.  The JB takes 9 and 10
and amalgamates them together, as the Vulgate and LXX do, giving the title
of "Psalm 9-10."  It then proceeds onwards, labeling each of the successive
Psalms as "Psalm 11/Vulgate 10," "Psalm 12/Vulgate 11" and so on, right up
through "Psalm 147/Vulgate 146-147."  I don't know of any other Bibles
off-hand that do the same thing, but I'm sure that some publisher,
somewhere, has seen fit to try and squeeze in multiple divisions.  How to
handle that in any given module and from a technical standpoint is likely to
be an absolute mess.  If I ask for Daniel 3:27 -- which verse should be
returned?  If I ask for Psalm 119:2... is that from the long 119 of fame, or
of the first Psalm of Ascent?  I certainly wouldn't think to type in that I
want "Dan 3:25!+" Yikes!

For now, converting into a General Book is likely to be your best bet, and
the eventual osis2mod will be able to create modules which are recognized as
Bibles to the frontends, but which use the General Book driver.  For now, I
don't think any of the front-ends have that capability, since the necessary
SWORD library changes are all in post-1.5.11 code, and there has been no
1.5.12 yet.  So for now, for testing, try importing to a General Book, if
possible, and just hang tight until you can use some future front-end with
support for TreeVerseKey (a.k.a. Alternate Versification support).


> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Daniel
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