[sword-devel] Small problem with section headers in an OSIS module

Tom Cornell tom.cornell at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 15:27:12 MST 2008

Since the problem seemed to have something to do with the <div> being
placed after the <title> in all but verse 1, I tried the experiment of
simply yanking the <div> elements completely. This worked!

But now I'm not sure if the module source markup is still OSIS-correct.
It looks like this:

<chapter sID="John.11" chapterTitle="Chapter 11" osisID="John.11"/>
<title type="chapter">Chapter 11</title>
<title type="section">The Death of Lazarus</title>
<verse  n="1" osisID="John.11.1" sID="John.11.1"/>
<verse eID="John.11.16"/>
<title type="section">Jesus the Resurrection and the Life</title>
<verse  n="17" osisID="John.11.17" sID="John.11.17"/>

I haven't tried removing the type="section" attribute yet. I don't
know if it's crucial or not.

Another experiment I tried was to move the <div> tag in the module
itself (the "nt" file) ahead of the title. This on its own did not
affect the display. I then moved it up a line, so it ended up appended
to the previous verse. This got rid of the newline after the verse
number, but the guts of the <div> tag were printed out in the display,
as if they were part of the text. That's when I decided to toss the
<div>'s entirely, at least for the moment.

Thanks to everybody who has responded in this or related threads
(especially Chris and DM). I'm seeing what I want to see at this
point, but I'd still like to know how far off the Path of OSIS I've

-Tom Cornell

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