[sword-devel] Small problem with section headers in an OSIS module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Nov 30 02:00:54 MST 2008

Daniel Owens wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> Tom Cornell wrote:

> I've had this problem with the VietNVB in the beta repository. Not sure 
> what was done to make the ESV look so pretty, but I haven't been able to 
> reliably reproduce it with the NVB myself. Look at Genesis 1.
> - BT (Sword 1.5.11) displays all headings, but v. 26 has the 
> verse number on it's own line, just like what you describe. It think 
> this is unique to BT, though I have seen it in the past in BibleDesktop.
> - BibleDesktop 1.6 doesn't display any headings as headings in that 
> chapter, though the heading for v. 26 appears as verse text.
> - GnomeSword 2.4.0 does fairly well with all the headings, though the 
> first one is appended to the end of the book introduction.

I think the appended title is not due the filters/frontend (GS). I think 
osis2mod has physically appended the first title to the intro section 
because of what I would class as an encoding error (in the imported 
OSIS). Looking at the text, the first section and title begin before the 
Gen.1 chapter marker. I think the importer is acting correctly here by 
including everything before the first chapter marker within the intro 
section, and I would guess that if you moved the chapter marker up by 
two lines, it would render as you desire in GS. As it is, it's not 
getting the special "pre-verse" treatment.

> - BPBible misses the first heading but gets the one in v. 26.
> - Not sure what BibleCS does...

BibleCS renders everything correctly, which is to say that the v.1 title 
gets rendered within the intro but the v.26 title is rendered above the 
v.26 marker, and v.26 itself follows on the same line as the marker.

Most features like this were developed on/for BibleCS first, so it's not 
a great surprise to find it working there.

However, in Matt.1, there are two titles on Matt.1.18, which is 
confusing something (probably the importer). It's resulting in rendering of:
(Lu 2:1-7)
Câu Chuyện Giáng Sinh Của Chúa Cứu Thế Giê-su
  Sự giáng sinh của Chúa Cứu Thế Giê-su đã xảy ra như sau: ....

Here, we would expect, instead, to see the third line (the section 
title) first, followed by the first line (the parallel section) on its 
own line, followed by lines 2 and 4 together on a third line.

>> When I committed a new version of osis2mod 3-4 years ago that did all of 
>> this (in a way that neither harmed existing nor future data) it was 
>> roundly rejected and reverted. I'm still convinced that preservation, 
>> including storing <verse>, is the only solution to certain of our 
>> problems. And I'm hoping that DM and I can convince the naysayers of the 
>> merits of that position.
> I hope you do. Is it a programming or performance issue? Aside from 
> momentum, what's holding this back? It makes perfect sense to me, and it 
> would make it easer to go from osis to mod to osis and back to mod with 
> little lost, I would think.

I think it was a lack of providing a convincing argument issue and an 
issue of failing to demonstrate that the new paradigm wouldn't need to 
break existing data and implementations. I also included an argument 
that it would provide a different way of providing verse numbers not 
supported by Sword (outside the KJV versification), which I think 
distracted from the issue.

Implementation is easy. Performance difference would be trivial. The 
greatest issue was simply accepting a second paradigm of OSIS module 
encoding, which would require that we know somehow whether a module was 
including <verse> elements or not. But I think we could probably deal 
with that somehow.


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