[sword-devel] Multiple Module Repositories

Familie von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Nov 29 06:32:06 MST 2008

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Multiple Module Repositories allow both factions of preference to 
> proceed forward.

I can agree with this. I still maintain that the slowness of throughput
through modules at crosswire.org is a serious problem right now.

It is more of a problem as the role of the alternative repositories is
not acknowledged in the official website.

I suggest a all round acceptable solution would be to be lot clearer on
the website etc regarding the role of the CrossWire repository as a
(OSIS/TEI) standard setter, but also state explicitely that acceptance
of new modules into this repo can and will occasionally take significant
amounts of time + direct those who simply want a module up (in whatever
form) in a public and mainstream repo should contact xyz.

I also suggest that we add some wiki pages on how to create and maintain
your own repo.

I am happy to do both jobs, though would probably pester you with some
technical questions.

I also would require write access to the relevant parts of the main
website. I could also work on the main page and do some clean up there
(removing/changing links to dead projects, adding links to living ones)


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