[sword-devel] Authoritative Module Sources

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 29 03:34:34 MST 2008

Dear Matthew,

I understand that you wish CrossWire were the host of authoritative 
content.  We do not currently have the infrastructure to do this, nor do 
we currently wish to do this when organizations like CCEL exist.  As 
stated in my previous email, Harry Plantinga, who runs CCEL, attends 
most of our OSIS conferences.  His team has even written a (now defunct) 
OSIS MSWord plugin.  At one time, he even attempted to allow his 
documents to be obtained in OSIS format using XSLT transformations.  He 
created ThML long before OSIS existed and my hope (though somewhat 
waning) is that someday he will adopt OSIS as his pristine source 
markup.  But even if not, I know his team strives to push their 
documents toward very well conforming and unambiguous ThML.  This makes 
conversion much easier for us.  There have been times our users have 
produced new material here at CrossWire and we have almost always 
submitted that material to CCEL for hosting, maintenance, and further 

I am sorry that you disagree with this policy, but it is currently our 
policy.  Please know that I have heard your disagreement.


Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> There are other organizations who are dedicated to being authoritative
>> text sources.  One of these organizations is CCEL, with whom CrossWire
>> has a very good relationship.  We want to encourage their ministry, as
>> they have encouraged our ministry.  If there is not a good document
>> source for a particular area of interest which you feel the need to
>> contribute toward.  Please join CCEL and produce your work there.
> This thoroughly confuses me. As far as I can tell, CCEL works with
> ThML. I understand from recent discussions that Crosswire will accept
> ThML from CCEL but no one else. However, if Crosswire is promoting
> OSIS why would you encourage us to go to CCEL?
> I do not think that Crosswire's goal of promoting OSIS (particularly
> as represented by Chris in these threads) is compatible with the
> policy of not maintaining sources.
> I also do not feel this policy accurately reflects the value of the
> module library to the Sword Project. I was just told in a private
> email that the module library was one of the most valuable parts of
> the project, which attracted people who would otherwise go elsewhere.
> In addition it was mentioned that the value of this library was why
> sources were not made available, because other projects could too
> easily use them as well.
> I do not see how these policies line up with the official goals of the
> Crosswire project either. However, I do thank you for the
> clarification on all of this, and your very clear rejection of
> community input. It has made it quite clear to me that I have been in
> the wrong place.
> Goodbye and God bless,
> Matthew
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