[sword-devel] summary

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 13:16:21 MST 2008

Troy, Chris, DM and anyone else who is a leader here:

>From my perspective, the community that has built up around the sword
project is asking and pleading for a few changes. It is very clear
looking through the archives from the past year that there is
considerable discontent, and desire for a few simple changes. Two of
these changes that appear to have complete consensus from everyone
except perhaps the three this is addressed to are these:

1. Find some way to increase transparency in the module submission
process. There have been several suggestions made, many of which could
be implemented easily. It appears that the biggest complaint is that
Chris has entire control of the process without any oversight or
accountability of the modules at crosswire email address. In open source
as well as in government, openness and accountability are always
helpful in decreasing discontent. Although there have been many
allegations made, I'm not accusing Chris of anything here, just saying
that it would decrease discontent if there was more openness.

2. The sword project should maintain sources via svn of at the very
least the public domain resources. There is very clear community
consensus on this point as well.

Open source projects that do not respond to feedback from their
community either fork, die, or never achieve the success they could
have had.


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