[sword-devel] Taming Wild Threads (was: Getting stuff done (Re: External links))

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Nov 27 10:44:42 MST 2008

Martin Gruner wrote:
>> If you do not believe that Bibles, as well as associated content,
>> deserve the utmost care and the devotion of as much time as is necessary
>> to do right by them, then I do not believe you have any business working
>> with them, for it suggests an inadequate respect for the Bible itself.
> That's indeed the big dogmatic bat. Are you sure that your interpretation of 
> being faithful to Scripture is the right one?

I didn't mention, nor did I speak of, being faithful to scripture. I 
don't see how having respect for the Bible, itself, and wishing to do 
the best possible job with it is at all a controversial point.

> You argument from a position of such great strength that I wonder if you lead 
> a project with many diligent and dedicated volunteers so that you don't need 
> (or even want) help from others.

I don't understand this sentence.

> Your arguments contradict Crosswire's stated goals (as cited today) and make 
> me personally really sad. 

I never made reference to the CrossWire Purpose Statement and was not 
citing it as an authority. I made only reference to policies and guiding 
principles, and when that was unclear, I specified precisely what I 
meant--which again had nothing to do with the Purpose Statement.

That being said, I don't comprehend how anything I've said contradicts 
the Purpose Statement.


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