[sword-devel] tei proposal

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 10:36:38 MST 2008

First of all I apologize for any rash or uneducated comments I have
made in the last few days. If I have offended anyone, please let me

I have a proposal to make that could solve two issues at once. In the
simplest form, the proposal is to organize a group effort to convert
an existing public domain dictionary to tei. Specifically I would
suggest this:

1. host the source file via svn
2. start with the straight output of mod2imp
3. slowly, step-by-step, build up a complete module that eventually
validates and is a correct module.
4. still allow minor updates and changes

Although I wasn't around for it, I imagine that making the KJV module
taught everyone involved a good deal of OSIS and exposed lots of bugs
along the way. This project would have similar expectations.

I would suggest that this be hosted by crosswire, although I am
willing to do this myself if people are interested. I would also
suggest using Easton as a starting point, primarily because I'm
familiar with it, but also because it has lots of different issues to
address that would allow trying out a range of tei.

This would also allow us to publicly test the much-asked for feature
of svn control of sources. Instead of always saying "we don't do
that", couldn't we try it once?

After the last couple of days, I have almost no hope this proposal
will be accepted, but I feel obligated to at least try to bridge the
differences exposed.


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