[sword-devel] Taming Wild Threads (was: Getting stuff done (Re: External links))

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Thu Nov 27 09:39:38 MST 2008

Am 27.11.2008 um 15:59 schrieb Chris Little:

> Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> Am 27.11.2008 um 13:57 schrieb Chris Little:
>>> And I think many of the complaints from the last few days come from
>>> individuals who cannot or will not respect authority. Change to
>>> current
>>> systems and workflows can come, but not without respect for the
>>> existing
>>> policies and guiding principles.
>> Where can I read about those policies and guiding principles?
>> And how do I subscribe to them?
>> Who is the authority here? Sorry, I'm on here now for almost two  
>> years
>> and only have a slight idea who is responsible for what.
>> I only know that Troy, DM and you have - official tasks so to speak.
>> Is this written somewhere?
>> In general I need to say, policies and principles are good. And they
>> are for us to guide and make things easier.
>> But with gaining experience over time they need to be thought over  
>> and
>> changed if needed.
> The particular policies that I'm referring to are that we are aiming  
> at
> use of OSIS and TEI for new content, with the exception of certain
> CCEL-derived content which makes sense to maintain in ThML.
> We want to encourage people to encode their content well, in a format
> that is fairly strict, standard, and relatively easy to process.
> We've had the pro-OSIS policy for a very long time. The use of TEI is
> obviously recent, but derives essentially from the pro-OSIS policy, on
> the basis that TEI is what OSIS is in some respects inspired by and on
> the basis of the stated intention to use TEI within OSIS for  
> dictionaries.
> These decisions were made on and off the mailing list, in public
> discussions and the occasional decision-making chat or email between
> those people who do the majority of content, engine coding, & utility
> coding (basically those you name; sorry if I left anyone out, no  
> offense
> intended).

I don't have a problem with OSIS and actually my first module creation  
(not yet fully finished) is done using OSIS.
Though it took me a while until I figured how things work. The Wiki  
gave some help to start. The tag attributes in KJV.xml however look a  
bit different and I didn't know what is really needed and what not.
Also I stumbled over the <references> tag which osis2mod doesn't  
process well and causes trouble (is this a problem of osis2mod or the  
engine, or both?)

Chris, I've sent you the generated module but as I read here you need  
validated XML sources. Mine are validated and I'll send them.


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