[sword-devel] Taming Wild Threads (was: Getting stuff done (Re: External links))

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Nov 27 06:30:01 MST 2008

Daniel Owens wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> I've posted about 10 new modules in the last couple weeks and received 
>> zero feedback. I've seen no evidence of testing. Without a modicum of 
>> testing, this content won't be moved to public.
> Hey, c'mon. I wrote back right away about the NVB! :) 

Sorry, I didn't mean you. :) I was referring rather to the team of 
people we had testing content through the summer.

As soon as you sign off on your own submission, I'm happy to move it to 

> The beta module 
> testing page is good, but I would appreciate more explanation for the 
> following items:

I think these are Peter's descriptions. I'll try to divine their meaning 
and give something a bit more clear.

> 	Any eternal loops or other structural problems? (What does this mean?)

I don't know why this is the label. It sounds like a reference to 
problems which are technically impossible for users of the importers 
(but could be created by very old importers).

The actual contents of this cell don't pertain to this issue. It appears 
chiefly to refer to encoding issues.

> 	Conf Problems? (Does this simply mean that the basics are there as 
> defined on the wiki?)

This means that the basics are there. All necessary entries (e.g. option 
filters) are present. No unnecessary entries are present (e.g. option 
filters for features not present in the text). And that all information 
that is present is correct.

> 	Ready for import into main repository? (Does this simply mean that all 
> other categories are satisfied? What if some front-ends don't properly 
> display the module?)

More often than not, this just indicates that testing need not be done 
on a particular module in the beta repository because it is known to 
contain errors of one or another sort (e.g. the Perseus TEI 
dictionaries, which use P4 instead of P5, and have other importer-caused 
issues; and the MorphGNT & Tisch modules, which use a paradigm for lemma 
encoding that we have since chosen not to use). It's also a place to 
note that a tester feels errors from the other columns require 
correction to such a degree that further testing of that build of that 
module is no longer necessary. And if a tester deems all requirements 
satisfied, then he can mark a text as ready for release.

> I haven't sufficiently honed my divination skills. :) I can definitely 
> pitch in, but because I am not a programmer I find myself lacking the 
> confidence to make assertions about does and doesn't work (I know the 
> source of display problems can be in the encoding of the source file, 
> osis2mod, the SWORD engine, or a specific front-end. How do I tell which 
> is the cause when I can't read the source code with understanding?). 
> Should I just try to police the wiki and make sure that what is 
> recommended there actually works?

When editing the Wiki, one should not be discouraged by fear of not 
being correct. Doubtless someone will come along and fix it for you. If 
you feel really unsure, you could always put a big flashing disclaimer 
atop the page to warn people against thinking it represents an 
authoritative position.

Anything you have time for and feel able to do is appreciated. And if 
you start something, I am confident others will come and assist.


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