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On 11/26/08, Brian J. Dumont <bdumont at ameritech.net> wrote:
> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> Daniel Owens wrote:
>>> This discussion (despite the occasional vitriolic accusation or personal
>>> attack) is really important. There are two issues at stake--one is
>>> technical (and this discussion is producing collaboration on that), but
>>> the other is administrative, related to module creation, and that is my
>>> primary concern in this response. I'm not going to whine--I'm going to
>>> PLEAD and SUGGEST. We all want SWORD to be great, so in the interest of
>>> making SWORD great, here are my thoughts:
>>> 1. Modules are ESSENTIAL to the value of the SWORD engine. Please, let's
>>> make them a priority. It could be argued that they are already, but
>>> clearly there is frustration brewing among multiple module developers
>>> (including me) about the unnecessary difficultly involved in getting a
>>> module to work properly and be published. Clearly, in addition to work on
>>> filters, some work on administrative issues is necessary.
>>> 2. The Crosswire repo is a bottleneck. I think Chris needs help to get
>>> modules through in a timely manner. More people need to be involved at
>>> that step. PLEASE let's find a way to reduce the turnaround time for
>>> module publishing. I'm willing to contribute there.
>>> 3. Encouraging other repos is fine (especially if they are automatically
>>> set up in module installers--this is an exciting development!), but there
>>> is no documentation that I know of on how to set one up. I queried this
>>> list about problems I had and got no response. Please HELP. Even better,
>>> could someone create a wiki page on how to set up a repo?
>>> 4. Yes, let's maintain source files for ALL modules, only making them
>>> public if it is appropriate. That will facilitate bug fixing as well as
>>> new module creation. I obtained permission from Crossway to view the ESV
>>> source once, and that file had been lost. I still can't figure out how to
>>> create a source file that produces a compiled module with the features of
>>> the ESV module, and it's been over a year since I started working on it.
>>> It's NOT a matter of just using valid OSIS--you have to divine or
>>> accidentally discover a hack solution. If working modules were available
>>> as examples that would help folks like me and Peter learn how to create
>>> good source files.
>>> 5. I've only worked at learning OSIS and TEI, not ThML, but I have
>>> discovered that PRISTINE OSIS doesn't always work with SWORD, and
>>> ironically GnomeSword supports OSIS the best. Credit should go to Karl
>>> and the GnomeSword team for that. The wiki page presents an ideal, but in
>>> reality there is a SWORD OSIS schema that is unpublished and
>>> unarticulated. PLEASE, can we have an AUTHORITATIVE catalog of supported
>>> mark-up and a place to request valid OSIS mark-up that we want supported?
>>> If the former doesn't sound feasible, surely the latter is. No one should
>>> expect complete support of the OSIS schema, but things like headings,
>>> footnotes, and crossreferences should just work, but they sometimes
>>> don't. Additional markup should be able to be added, though.
>>> Again, please read this as expressing a desire to help make SWORD great.
>>> Personality conflicts aside, these administrative issues need to be
>>> addressed What does everyone else think?
>>> Daniel
>> Seconded on all counts
>> Peter
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