[sword-devel] Getting stuff done (Re: External links)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Nov 26 15:27:27 MST 2008

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> I would just like to point out again that there is very little
> transparency in how bugs are updated and fixed in modules. Neither
> does it appear to happen quickly. For example, someone reported a bug
> (several bugs) in the ISBE module to the sword-support list 4 days
> ago, and no one has even replied. I do not know what to say, because I
> do not know how bugs like those reported could/should get fixed.

I don't really know how to respond either, since the bug that the user 
thinks is there isn't. I'm planning to update the ISBE to TEI, which 
would clear up the issue that the user thinks is there, but I need to 
find a good source.


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