[sword-devel] Getting stuff done (Re: External links)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Nov 26 15:20:48 MST 2008

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Spare us the "they're not *really* ThML" whining.  I don't care that
> they're specifically ThML.  When I first started producing Sword modules
> 2 years ago, I was using GBF.

The issue is you're too lazy to even run tidy on your HTML. It might 
take you 10 seconds to run and would give you nice valid XHTML as a 
basis to work from. As it is, you have elements like <br> lying about, 
which are not valid within ThML and will cause problems for any frontend 
that actually expects you to give it ThML when you say you're giving it 
ThML (Bible Desktop should be an example of this).

So all of your whining really amounts to saying: "I don't care about 
anyone who doesn't use GnomeSword, because GnomeSword renders all of 
your bad ThML as if it were HTML and it just 'works'." That's fine. But 
realize that Sword supports a wider community than GnomeSword users and 


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