[sword-devel] Module Errors (was: Taming Wild Threads)

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Nov 26 11:02:58 MST 2008

I realize a few of you are new around here and we don't really have a 
FAQ regarding policies, save the mailing list archive search (found on 
the left side of the main http://crosswire.org/sword page).  Anyone wish 
to start one?

General historic policy at CrossWire is: we will not be an authoritative 
source repository.  Other organizations have this as their primary goal, 
so instead, we would rather work with organizations like CCEL which are 
specifically focused to being an authoritative text source repository. 
CrossWire and CCEL are on very good terms.  Harry typically shows up at 
our OSIS conferences, and is keen on collaborating with us.

So, in short, per policy, the answer to the question depends on a few 

if the module resides in a repository other than CrossWire's repo, then 
contact that repo owner.

if it is in CrossWire's repo...

if it is truly a source error, then:

look in the .conf file and see the TextSource entry and contact the 
custodian of the text.  Once they make the change in the source (which 
will help other projects besides our own), then we can recreate the module.

if it is a conversion error, then post here.  If no one picks up the 
pumpkin to recreate the module from source, fixing the conversion error, 
then see the sword-tools SVN repository-- which contains most of our 
scripts which we use to convert modules-- fix the problem and recreate 
the source.

I know this isn't the nice:

	Submit your problem in the module error reporting tool at...
	Remember your ticket number if you need to contact us again.
	Your issue should be resolved by next business day.

The fact of the matter is that we do have a module error reporting tool.


You are welcome to use it for both reporting conversion problems and for 
seeing where you can help fix those problems.  But the fact of the 
matter is that we have wmany more people willing to report than willing 
to help correctly fix.


Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> To take this a step further, I would like a place where all source files for
>> public domain modules can be downloaded and fixed by anyone.  If I find a
>> typo in the markup of a module, doesn't it make sense for me to fix the file
>> (whether it is ThML/OSIS/GBF/whatever) and email it in?  Saves everyone
>> time.  Maybe this exists already and I don't know about it.
> Seconded!
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