[sword-devel] Taming Wild Threads

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Wed Nov 26 09:51:29 MST 2008

Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> Karl and others already CAN release modules in their own repo and are
>> doing so.  It is only proper for the official CrossWire repo to shoot
>> for very high standard-- even if we haven't always met them.  If people
>> would just TRY to help us meet them, then we might release more modules.
>>  But that's also fine.  I realize people have their own itch and I'm
>> truly grateful they scratch!
> Please explain how I can report a simple bug in a module, get a
> response that it is being looked at, and then download an update in a
> reasonable time frame. I would be glad to help with that.
To take this a step further, I would like a place where all source files
for public domain modules can be downloaded and fixed by anyone.  If I
find a typo in the markup of a module, doesn't it make sense for me to
fix the file (whether it is ThML/OSIS/GBF/whatever) and email it in? 
Saves everyone time.  Maybe this exists already and I don't know about it.
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