[sword-devel] Getting stuff done (Re: External links)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Nov 25 21:48:47 MST 2008

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> writes:
>> ThML has value primarily as a way of incorporating materials from CCEL
> There are 30-odd ThML modules in my repository produced in the last ~18
> months -- on average, nearly a module every 2 weeks -- only 2 of which
> are CCEL-derived.

Just because a module is labeled as ThML, doesn't necessarily make it 
ThML. You've got content that has obviously never been through a 
validator or even been run through tidy to do basic cleanup of an HTML 
source to make it XML-compliant.

Other materials you have (and this is probably the majority) benefit 
nothing by being in ThML vs. OSIS, the markup being so basic that it's 
been well supported in Sword for the greater part of the last decade. So 
the choice there is simply a matter of the encoder's preference.

> "Unreachable asymptotic perfection" is a phrase I began using a couple
> weeks ago.  This is symptomatic.
> It does not matter if perfection might possibly someday be achieved in
> the unknowable future, if we never get to a point where people produce
> material for it.  The problem is the unattainability of the exit gate.
> "Taking time" is something that The Sword Project is *entirely* too good at.

So write a patch for some filters. There's really not anything left to 
discuss in this matter beyond questions and clarifications about 
implementations and how to encode.


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