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On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 9:59 AM, Greg Hellings <greg.hellings at gmail.com>wrote:

> None.  Information is all relative to the context.  You lose no
> information if you encode printed KJV italics terms with <i>, <em>,
> <hi type="i"> or <transChange>.  It still means the exact same thing -
> the enclosed text was added by translators and the module creator
> wishes to maintain that.  The only time you'd lose information when
> moving to OSIS is if you specifically chose to drop information out.
> As for losing information if you move into ThML - I'm not fully
> familiar with the ThML specification, one of the biggest problems I
> have with it is that the versions I can find on the web (1.02 from
> 2001) don't have support for actually encoding a whole Bible.  But for
> the rest of the genre which ThML supports, I see no information which
> can't be represented in ThML.
The point I was making was not that you can't encode it, but you lose the
semantic significance of it. The user can tell that <i>test</i> was added,
but the program can't - unless that is the only way <i> is ever used - which
it isn't. If you use italic formatting for anything else, you have lost
information - not presentation information - but the actual meaning is now
inaccessible to the program, as it can't necessarily tell what a particular
<i> means. If I want to mark translator added words in violet, or even allow
omitting them altogether, this is now not easily possible.

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