[sword-devel] iPhone frontend alpha screenshots

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Nov 24 09:44:36 MST 2008

Ian Wagner wrote:
> As for the name, I think that could cause some confusion as to being a  
> PocketPC app. I would have preferred something like iSword, but that  
> name is already in use by someone developing an iPhone SWORD web  
> application (the project looks to be inactive though). If anyone has  
> any name suggestions let me know.
I think any application trying to set up Swordweb for iphone was born
out of frustration with the developer's licenses. It appears that this
was an attempt to undercut that legal limitation.

As this has now seemingly changed and as you are close to an actual
releasable application, I would doubt that anyone who did the swordweb
work (and now stopped) will want to hogg a useful name.


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