[sword-devel] iPhone frontend alpha screenshots

Ian Wagner iwagn973 at students.bju.edu
Mon Nov 24 05:05:28 MST 2008

Hey guys, here are the alpha screenshots of the SWORD iPhone frontend  
(which I think will hereafter be named PocketSword unless anyone else  
has a better idea).

http://gardenheights.org/pocketsword_alpha_read.png - Main module viewer
http://gardenheights.org/pocketsword_alpha_nav.png - Navigation  
(accessed by tapping the reference in the top navbar
http://gardenheights.org/pocketsword_alpha_modules.png - Module switcher

I am obviously lacking icons for the first two views, but other than  
that they are 100% functional. I should be able to knock out most of  
the rest over thanksgiving break, which starts Wednesday. Please let  
me know any ideas/suggestions you have.

God bless,
There's no place like

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