[sword-devel] Trying to build

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Nov 23 12:48:13 MST 2008

Sean Healy wrote:
> I'm trying to build the frontend, and I have run into some problems.

Sorry these things are over my head, but hopefully someone else can help
you there.

> Also, has anyone tried to build under MinGW/MSYS? I assume the engine 
> will build fine, since the wiki indicates it builds under Cygwin, but is 
> there a makefile for building the frontend?

Several of us are right now trying to port Gnomesword onto Windows. The
libtrary compiles cleanly on mingw, while Gnomesword compiles too, but
has a number of issues left. Look into the gnomesword development list
for more info. I am sure, if you have development experience on Windows,
the guys will be delighted to get you involved.


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