[sword-devel] Gnomesword on Windows

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Nov 20 08:41:20 MST 2008

Could you do me a favour and check out whether Farsi or Arabic modules work?

One of the problems I found on all Windows platforms was that RtoL
modules were displayed the wrong way round.

AraSVD and FarsiOPV are in the repositories.

Thansk so much


Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> I see that you have no language divisions known in the module list.
>> This is because of something you mentioned before, that there is no
>> mmap() call available.  I will re-work the language init code to use
>> more bland stdio calls to get the language data.
> Yes, that is correct. I was a little afraid that it would crash
> horribly here, but the possibility of failure seems to have been
> accounted for already. I don't know if speed is the reason mmap is
> being used or not, but what I've read says that stdio is just as fast
> on windows as the windows version of mmap.
> Matthew
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