[sword-devel] [OT] just join, testing only

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Mon Nov 10 14:22:11 MST 2008

Am 10.11.2008 um 21:46 schrieb Chris Little:

> The Wiki is just plain unattractive. We've got a fairly consistent  
> look
> throughout the Sword, CrossWire, JSword, & other crosswire.org-hosted
> sites. The Wiki is has an inconsistent and very plain appearance with
> respect to the Sword site that would presumably point people to it.

I think the wiki is not unattractive. It is light and bright, the  
color are ok and people (maybe) are familiar to it because of wikipedia.
Currently I think it is more attractive and inviting than the static  
web page.

> Collaborative editing often leads to bad edits. There are parts of the
> CrossWire & Sword sites that are out of date and now possibly
> inaccurate, but edits to the Wiki can (and have at times been) new and
> inaccurate. We get spelling and grammar errors that make us look
> unprofessional. We get branding inconsistencies since not everyone  
> knows
> (or is careful about) the letter casing of the SWORD Project or  
> CrossWire.
> I try to read all Wiki edits, and I know I've seen you do  
> corrections in
> the past. But I can't guarantee that I will catch every bad commit and
> it takes time out of my schedule during which I would rather do
> something else.

I could think of responsible people who check edits and tell the  
editor: "go back and correct your things".
The wiki could be split in certain parts where there are more than one  
who "responsible" that content is ok.

> If we want a more up-to-date webpage, Wiki is not the answer. A CMS  
> is.
> Wikis are for collaboration and whiteboarding.

A CMS would also be a good idea to start over with an updated web page.


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