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Thank you, Mr. Hastings.
I have been waiting for this communication for such a long time.

You can also find Luganda text Bible online at 
It is laid out Book by Book and Chapter by Chapter, except for some
corrections to be made in the text due to some scanning errors.

Thank you and God bless you.

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        I am forwarding your request to the SWORD Project developers.
You can learn more about the Sword Project at www.crosswire.org
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Dear Sir,
I found your details via the following Thread: Subject: Bible for Uganda

Has anyone done any work on the Bible in Luganda the language of Uganda?A
friend on mine just came back from Uganda. He knows someone that istrying
to get the Lunganda text scanned so that it can be put in Biblesoftware.
Has anyone already done this?Geoff HastingsI am a Ugandan Christian
religious book translator based in Kampala, Uganda, trying to find a way
to put the Luganda Bible in software format.I can try to provide the text
of the Luganda Bible so that we can see what to do next.Will be glad to
hear from you.Thank you and God bless you for every effort.Mark Joseph
KiwummuloLuganda translator.

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