[sword-devel] [OT] just join, testing only

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 8 03:09:22 MST 2008

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> Then it appears that the wiki is responding to a need in the community
> to allow more people to edit this content, as the content in the pages
> you mention is in some cases extremely out of date. For example, there
> is a link to BibleStudy which had active development 3 years ago, and
> the current page it links to is talking about mexican fajita recipes.
> There obviously exist active contributors who are willing to update
> this content, or the wiki wouldn't have it. I can only hope that they
> will have access to the main pages as well, if that is where it is
> supposed to be.

Additions/changes to the main page are made at the request of project 
maintainers. To have a new project listed on the main CrossWire page, we 
need simply be given a blurb and a screenshot.

The link to BibleStudy's page is still current. The first two links on 
the left make this clear.


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