[sword-devel] what to do about citation tags in ThML?

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Fri Nov 7 07:31:54 MST 2008

So I've been updating some genbooks modules per comments from the beta
tests.  I think I've come across an error in either the DTD or the
documentation for ThML.  The problem has to do with citation tags.  The
docs I've been using are directly from CCEL:


where it says:

    Citations of other works such as books or treatises may be marked
    with the <citation> element. That element may also take an href
    attribute to specify a URI for the cited work, if available.

I'm using the DTD from them as well:

<!DOCTYPE ThML PUBLIC "-//CCEL/DTD Theological Markup Language//EN"

If I add a <citation> element, then xmllint claims that it fails against
the DTD:

    [bjdasc at ascpc5] xmllint --valid tst.xml > law_gospel.xml.clean
    tst.xml:15312: element citation: validity error : No declaration for
    element citation
        In the <citation>Preface to the Book of Concord</citation>
    (Mueller, p. 16. 17;
    tst.xml:15344: element p: validity error : Element citation is not
    declared in p list of possible children
    perhaps, while the blind are leaders of the blind, all might

If I remove the tag, then it works fine.  Should I just remove the
markup or should we try to fix this (it's not really in our files)?  Do
we know who to contact at CCEL for this?


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