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Eeli Kaikkonen eekaikko at mail.student.oulu.fi
Wed Nov 5 06:24:23 MST 2008

If some module doesn't work correctly in BibleTime but it seems to be  
valid OSIS I'm very interested. Possibly it's something we haven't had  
before and is therefore not taken into consideration when rendering  
the text. I would like to have both OSIS and the binary module for  
debugging, but OSIS can be extracted from the binary via Sword. Give  
also some example verses which I should look at.

BTW, all your posts have the text attached as html. The mail readers I  
use don't like it at all and don't show the text automatically. I  
can't for example quote you correctly with this webmail interface, as  
you can see. Please set your mail application to send plain text, not  
html. Html is unnecessary and is generally considered to be bad in  
emails and newsgroups (and yes, every mail program sending html by  
default is just wrong).

Quoting Daniel Owens <dhowens at pmbx.net>:

> Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
>   Daniel Owens <dhowens at pmbx.net> writes:
>> However, the book outlines in the introduction are a thorny problem
>> because neither lists nor regular paragraphs appear correctly (the
>> outlines become a single paragraph--totally unreadable--though they
>> are encoded in proper OSIS).
>    Can you provide an example?  Is there an existing module that
> shows the sort of problem you describe?  Yes, I can. I can send the
> module compiled or just osis or both privately. Just let me know that
> you want it, and I will send it. The module is in the
> modules at crosswire.org inbox waiting for action, but there are a
> number of problems with it that I haven't been able to solve.
> Actually, aside from the book introductions, GS handles the module
> the best out of all the front-ends.
>> Third, the way Sword handles commentaries right now is fine if
>> you're looking at a single verse and the commentary is dealing with
>> a single verse, but often commentaries give comments on the
>> structure or theology of a section or comment on a range of verses
>> in a single paragraph or section. I am wondering if there is a way
>> to have a more dynamic and continuous way to view commentaries so
>> if you open to Genesis 1:1 you can just scroll down a bit to see
>> Genesis 1:2
>    Are you aware that you can specify verse ranges?  Yes, I was aware
> of that. What I was getting at is a combination of content unconnected
> to a verse or range of verses (such as introductory matter in a
> commentary), content connected to a range of verses, and content
> connected to a single verse all in one work. This kind of content
> should be preserved as one work, in my opinion, but how do you encode
> something like that?
>   The commentary/image module DoreWoodcutsCom (verse-keyed version of
> DoreWoodcuts, able to be used as a sort of graphical commentary) is
> import-encoded like this:$$$Gen 3:1-24 Adam And Eve Are Driven Out Of
> Eden <br /><img
> src="/images/dore_01_gen03_adam_and_eve_are_driven_out_of_eden.jpg"/>
> $$$Gen 4:1-7 Cain And Abel Offer Their Sacrifices <br /><img
> src="/images/dore_01_gen04_cain_and_abel_offer_their_sacrifices.jpg"/>
> $$$Gen 4:8-26 Cain Slays Abel <br /><img
> src="/images/dore_01_gen04_cain_slays_abel.jpg"/>The 1st covers the
> entirety of Gen 3.  The 2nd covers the beginning of Gen 4, the 3rd
> covers the rest of Gen 4.This is the idea behind what I mentioned as
> "fast" and "slow" commentaries: The fast side is per-verse
> commentary, relating directly to translation, text-critical
> observations, and related matters.  The slow side is prose discussion
> of larger sections.  As verses change, the slow commentary would not
> change until the verse boundary is passed when the next big section
> comes along.  The idea of multiple types of content being preserved
> in multiple types of windows is a good step beyond where commentaries
> are today, but I guess I would just be interested to see how we can
> preserve the integrity of the original work while at the same time
> not making it a coding nightmare.
> Daniel
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