[sword-devel] dictionary user content

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 05:56:27 MST 2008

> All Sword modules are writeable.  This support is used by osis2mod and
> similar things.  BPBible actually now has Python functions to create
> modules wrapping around Sword which we use when generating Sword
> modules in scripts (no UI yet, unfortunately).  The advantage, IMHO,
> at an application level is that the application remains integrated and
> everything behaves in the same way (at least theoretically).  It is
> probably less compelling here, but you will need to produce Sword
> modules eventually.

> As for revision history, I will agree this is probably important, but
> I do know that it has been suggested in the past and rejected.

Thanks for correcting me. I think that having something integrated to
create / update the module would be nice.

I should state that my primary focus with this whole thing is to
create a tool for creating and managing original texts, not modules
although that is certainly part of it. As this is the case, things
like version control and other data such as the current status, notes,
etc need to be tracked along side the *text*. I think it would be
great to be able to have at the same time a *module* that is
completely updated to the latest text. The most important part of this
would be instant validation of input so that the text could always be
converted to a valid module. From reading this list and looking at the
wiki it appears to me that creating valid input is one of the most
challenging parts of this process, so I am hoping to automate it.

As far as community, already people send in bug reports about
different modules. I am not looking for a huge community of editors,
just reporters. That would be greatly facilitated by front end


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