[sword-devel] companion modules

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Nov 3 19:49:41 MST 2008

Arthur Bolstad <arthurbolstad at sbcglobal.net> writes:
> I like the idea of these companion modules.  In my case, I want to
> record my comments on various texts (often as I prepare sermons).  So
> I want to be able to create my own editable companion module linked to
> a particular text.

We don't have a means to add companion qualifiers to a .conf; you'd have
to edit the .conf yourself.

However, GnomeSword does have fully general user-editable content now.
The personal commentary has existed for a long time, of course, and over
a year ago, GnomeSword learned how to have more than one such personal
commentary installed (so you can use a different personal commentary to
work on each of several different sermons or Bible studies).  But
GnomeSword also recently gained the ability (thanx to Terry) to edit
what we know as journals and prayer lists, which are editable general
books.  So you could create a new journal, then manually edit its .conf
to add "Companion=YourPreferredText".

Thereafter, any time you open your journal, the text module can come up.

> I also liked the idea of "fast" vs "slow" commentaries.  This implies
> though 3-tuple - text, fast commentary, slow commentary.

Yes, as I said, the concept needs further refinement but this gets the
basic idea moving into the mill.

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