[sword-devel] [off topic] Thank you!

Luke Plant L.Plant.98 at cantab.net
Mon Nov 3 07:30:09 MST 2008

Hi all,

I've been working full time in a church for the past 2 months, and 
while I've used BibleTime/SWORD quite a bit before (and even wrote my 
own frontend, KioSword, a while back), I've been using BibleTime more 
than ever now, and I wanted to say a massive thank you to the SWORD 
and BibleTime devs for all their work.  Having now studied Greek and 
Hebrew at Bible college, I am particularly loving side-by-side 
ESV/WHNU/LXX/BHS with StrongsRealGreek etc. and the search 

Thanks so much to you all, and to the module packagers as well, may 
God bless you!


"If something is hard, it's not worth doing." (Homer Simpson)

Luke Plant || http://lukeplant.me.uk/

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