[sword-devel] http://karl.kleinpaste.org/sword/scripts/ do not work with arabic life application bible

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat May 31 15:45:37 MST 2008

John H. wrote:
> On Sat, 2008-05-31 at 15:14 -0700, Chris Little wrote:
>> jonathon wrote:
>> > On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 2:41 PM, John H. wrote:
>> >> You're also saying that having a legal electronic license of a translation of the bible, for use in esword, otherwise, means that I am breaking the law if I copy and paste a verse from esword to wordpad on the same computer.
>> > 
>> > Technically, that is a copyright infringement.
>> Well, "a verse", presuming non-commercial usage would be fair use.
> Really, what is your basis for saying this?  Do you have a description 
> of "fair use" somewhere that we do not know of?

USC Title 17 § 107 contains the definition of fair use within the US.

>> But what we're really talking about is "I am breaking to law if I copy 
>> and paste EVERY verse from e-Sword to wordpad on the same computer." And 
>> that's definitely copyright infringement.
> As I said to xas, please point to the statute which proscribes this 
> specific conduct.

Huh? Do you not understand copyright at ALL?
Start with USC Title 17 § 106. Copying a copyrighted work beyond the 
implicit permission given via fair use and without explicit license is 
copyright infringement. This is about as basic as it can get.

You really need to take a step back and consider ceasing from posting. 
You're not going to win the argument. You're not going to win any kind 
of respect or get anyone to assist you. And you're not even going to win 
anyone's sympathies. Your posts make it clear that you don't actually 
understand the law and choose name-calling, insult, and nonsensical 
repetition as your tools of argument.

Please do cease. It will prove to us how Christian you are and put us 
all in our place.


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