[sword-devel] bibledesktop.info and zefania xml

Wolfgang Schultz woschultz at googlemail.com
Sat May 31 04:32:53 MST 2008


i have seen you have tried to get http://bibledesktop.info but it
seems i have outspeeded crosswire, but dont worry i have now decided
to redirect bibledesktop.info to your bibledesktop project.


The main reason is i have finished the public work on zefania xml
because there is too little response from german developer scene if at
all exists one :(

So i will work 	on the q.t.

The name of my new baby is: TrueSharpSwordAPI2008

You can find the docu here: http://wp1066500.wp101.webpack.hosteurope.de/

The TrueSharpSwordAPI2008 will cover following aspects of bible
software developing:

Handling of:

1. Zefania XML bible moduls


2. Zefania XML  dictionary moduls perphaps pimped up by TEI-Elements

3. OSIS- bible moduls

4. TEI -Dicionary moduls

The TrueSharpSwordAPI2008 will be written in .NET  C# and will use the
linq technology that is an fantastic thing for me. :)

I hope TrueSharpSwordAPI2008 will be also useful for crosswire
activities on bible software developing

Theologische Initiative Freiburg

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