[sword-devel] SwordReader - Rewrite 95% completed

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Thu May 22 21:57:20 MST 2008

Hi All,
I have been quietly hacking away at the SwordReader source for the past 
few months restructuring the code into what has turned out to be a 
rewrite. The code is now very object oriented and I have written several 
wrappers for the WinCE API to make it more transparent to new Windows 
mobile programmers.

I created a framework called SRFramework, and it is my hope that all 
WinCE API calls will be wrapped in this framework. At this point about 
70% of them are. I got a little lazy toward the end and didn't create 
classes for the buttons/listboxes/editboxes, but I will at some point.

I am about 95% done, meaning the functionality and stability of the 
application as a whole is about 95% the same as it was before I started, 
with one exception: we now have the new HTML renderer in place. Things 
are still a bit slow as far as rendering large chapters with a lot of 
markup, but the slowness now is mostly in how we load a page from the 
sword libraries. I plan to try a demand load system that will initially 
only load enough verses to fill the screen then spawn a background 
thread to complete the loading during idle CPU time.

There are still several bugs I need to address. And I am pretty sure I 
have a few dozen memory leaks which I will squash soon as well.

The current subversion will build in both eVC 3 and Microsoft Visual 
Studio 2005. Feel free to grab a copy and play around with it.

There is also a new website for SwordReader http://www.swordreader.org 
Right now its not much but when I get some free time I plan to get some 
real content on there as well.

I will be looking for testers soon, so if you are interested in testing 
drop me a private email and I will get you on my list. I am hoping to 
have a complete package available for download on Handango and 
PocketGear for free by the middle to end of summer.

In Christ,
David Trotz

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