[sword-devel] Versifications, Canons and move to Genbook

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon May 19 03:47:10 MST 2008

Hi DJ .........

DJ Ortley wrote:
> Though I've not submitted any of my work, I've been slowly working on 
> the genbook based bible thing in the little bits of free time I have.  

If you are not yet ready to share your work with the group, I wonder if 
you might have time to send me your implementation of VerseTreeKey. 
When we last corresponded, I was trying to get involved int this, and 
once I had an idea as to what was needed, I ran some tests using a 
general book version of KJV.  This created a VerseTreeKey in place of a 
VerseKey, but when I tried to initialise the key, the api made a call to 
an incorrect member function and bombed out.  I could get no further as 
the 'call' was intended to be a call to a member of TreeKeyIdx and not 
VerseKey where the call ended up.

If you have any thoughts, I might get back to looking at this.

God bless,

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