[sword-devel] Versifications, Canons and move to Genbook

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun May 18 13:26:45 MST 2008

The last few days I had an exchange of emails with someone on
sword-support who complained about wrong order of books in the Hebrew Bible.

It became clear that he was looking for a Jewish style ordered Bible and
 ours follows the KJV as everything else in Crosswire too.

I explained this to him and also explained that a move to a different
form of encoding is (somewhat) imminent which will allow for a
different, more flexible way of encoding - including opening the door to
a Jewish canon + versification scheme.

I suggested he should in the meantime work to contribute to this by
creating a Hebrew Bible in Jewish order, but he rightly questioned
whether it is sensible to have for every single versification preference
a new module, whether it would not make more sense to have modules with
several versifications  as choice, i.e. one text with several sets of
meta data (catholic, KJV, Jewish, whatever)

Thinking this through, it became clear to me that there are probably
some bits which I have not understood myself with the eventual move, but
irrespective of that I think I should bring this up here and get your
take on it.


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