[sword-devel] New member intro: Jonathan Compton

JECompton jecompton at gmail.com
Thu May 15 22:17:41 MST 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the list. I'm a prefield teacher with Wycliffe headed for 
Indonesia in January. I will teach computer science and help run the 
network there... Although the job will change according to need.

I've benefited greatly from open source software and wanted to give 
back. The last few weeks I wondered how I could give back. I decided 
nothing could be more worthy than something like the Sword Project. I 
want to start small. I completely agree with the warning on the project 
website regarding the need for commitment. I can only devote about an 
hour every other week at this time, but I hope my availability will grow 
as my interest does.

Here's a profile of what I feel confident doing:

- Proofreading, reporting typos (B.A. in English and Spanish)
- Basic end-user testing on several OS (Ubuntu, Win2k/XP, Debian, others 
if needed)
- Some C/C++ experience (my first language, although I am still pretty 
- Beginning-intermediate Java (can build a GUI, made a crude tennis 
reservation system for a class, various other)
- Decent amount of linux sysadmin (comfortable w/ cron, ssh, setting up 
apache, various other servers, grep, and some bash scripting)
- Took a class in Scheme
- Ruby scripting (currently my best and favorite language, but still a 
- Read a textbook on general software systems design
- Various other along the way (mysql, php, python, rails, latex 
openldap--just ask, I've probably dabbled w/ it)
- I will be learning Indonesia starting in January, and perhaps some 

If someone will let me know what I can do w/ the amount of commitment I 
can make, I don't care what it is if it will help the Sword Project.

Jonathan Compton

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