[sword-devel] SWORD 1.5.11

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 19:37:14 MST 2008


I think there are a few things:

I'd really like the work for the NASB to be complete. There is not  
much left. Otherwise will we have to wait until the next release?

As far as I know, the new NASB has strong's numbers that cannot be  
handled by Sword. I'm not familiar enough with the engine to make the  

If a module implements both Greek and Hebrew Strong's numbers, then  
the G or H prefix should be left on the number before submitting it.  
Chris also suggested that the form be [GH]dddd (that is, 4 digits, not  

In keeping with that I have encoded the NAS Lexicon with both Greek  
and Hebrew entries, prefixed with G and H, having 4 digits and in a  
few instances followed by	a letter. The NAS lexicons have additional  
entries to what is in the traditional Strong's. These end with a  
letter. I have also gathered these into a <superEntry> so that  
searching with or without the trailing letter will succeed in finding  
an exact match.

Based upon Chris' suggestion on how to encode these in the NASB, they  
are in the form H19!a, using the "grain" notation of an osisID. In the  
lexicon they don't have the '!', but they do have the trailing letter.

If we get this done, I think any other problem that might be found in  
the module can be fixed by modifying the module and not the engine.

In an earlier email, I posted the code that I am using for JSword to  
massage the input to do the lookup.

The value to us in getting the NASB out is that we can release  
Lockman's Spanish LBLA. I have that ready now.

There also is a problem with GenBook that I don't know if it is fixed.  
I mentioned that a couple of days ago. Karl reported it a long time ago.

****Old Software on CD******
Also, is there any intention of getting the most recent version of  
MacSword, BibleDesktop, GnomeSword and BibleTime on the CD?

I need a little bit more time to get BD ready (a few days). Otherwise,  
I want it removed. We are having a release by the end of the month. We  
have a couple of outstanding things we want to fix. And if I can get a  
certain one of them done, I'd be happy to have it on the CD.

-- DM

On May 13, 2008, at 9:21 PM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> We are coming right up to our deadline for 1.5.11.  I have patched the
> engine to fix all the critical bugs I know about and have tested  
> things
> by updating crosswire's instance of swordweb to the the latest svn  
> trunk.
> Please try out the latest code and see if there are any other issue we
> NEED to fix before releasing.  If I haven't heard from anyone in a few
> hours, I'm planning to post an RC just before midnight (for Karl :) ).
> With the bugtracker down, I really need email feedback.
> 	-Troy.
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