[sword-devel] GenBook osisID and URIs

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue May 13 18:10:06 MST 2008

Just a quick note on this thread...

SWORD has a URL utility:
(notice the last couple public static methods)

This class was originally written so we all could share URL syntax 
between render formats (i.e., basically, between frontends).  I believe 
the WEBIF and HTMLHREF filters (SWORDWeb and GnomeSword apps) share 
quite a bit of URL syntax now.

SWORDWeb has quite a number of commands you can send it on any page.  I 
would hope we can reuse some of these.  For example:


It seems trying to merge key syntax (KJV:jn.3.3-jn.3.9) with display 
behavior (KJV,NASB/jn.3.3-jn.3.9) might not be a good thing.

Just my quick interjections...  -Troy.

DM Smith wrote:
> On May 13, 2008, at 8:14 PM, Chris Little wrote:
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> Chris Little wrote:
>>>> I think simply
>>>> sword://Josephus/The War of the Jews/Book 1/Chapter 2/Section 3
>>>> should work, or
>>>> sword://Josephus/The%20War%20of%20the%20Jews/Book%201/Chapter%202/Section%203
>>>> encoded as an URL.
>>> This does not answer the osisID question. If one had to encode the
>>> GenBook key into an osisID for an OSIS encoded GenBook how would it  
>>> be
>>> represented, given that spaces are not allowe and periods have  
>>> reserved
>>> meaning?
>>> Based upon the answer to that, how would the URL be?
>> Ok, I understand now, but I don't really have an answer. They way we
>> would want this GenBook key to be represented as an osisID is  
>> something
>> like "Josephus:Wars.1.2.3". (The title is wrong in the module. Wars is
>> supposed to be plural.)
>> If I were to redo the module (which I probably will), I would do the
>> osisIDs like that, and we would end up with a TreeKey of /Wars/1/2/3.
>> At Perseus, the URL is
>> http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text.jsp?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0148%3Abook%3D1%3Awhiston+chapter%3D2%3Awhiston+section%3D3
>> So their hierarchy is: "book 1":"whiston chapter 2":"whiston section  
>> 3".
>> (Whiston is the translator, and his divisions of the works of Josephus
>> represent one of two significant systems that I know of.)
>> But they also let you do lookup of "J. BJ 1.2.3" (J = Josephus, BJ =  
>> De
>> Bello Judico) to get that passage.
>> In their TEI source, they have:
>> <body>
>>   <div1 type="Book" n="1" org="uniform" sample="complete">
>> ...
>>     <milestone n="2" unit="Whiston chapter" />
>> ...
>>       <milestone n="3" unit="Whiston section" />
>>       <milestone n="54" unit="section" />
>> Since we want a solution here and now, we need to find a way to pass
>> encode our TreeKeys as osisID and figure out how to pass those back  
>> and
>> forth as URIs.
>> osisIDs can use Letters and Numbers (in the document's encoding, UTF-8
>> for example). All other characters are to be escaped. I _believe_, but
>> would like to confirm this somehow, that '_' is the replacement
>> character for space, and all other characters can be expressed via
>> \{character} escapes. (So if you want '_' you have to encode it as  
>> '\_'.)
>> That said, I think our osisID for the CURRENT version of Josephus  
>> would
>> be the rather ugly:
>> Josephus:The_War_of_the_Jews/Book_1/Chapter_2/Section_3
>> We can either encode that directly as an URI:
>> sword://Josephus/The_War_of_the_Jews/Book_1/Chapter_2/Section_3
>> or decode it and re-encode as:
>> sword://Josephus/The%20War%20of%20the%20Jews/Book%201/Chapter%202/Section%203
>> (ignoring any changes we might decide to make to my previous proposal
>> regarding embedded '/'.)
> One of the things that I have been thinking about is a module having  
> two keys per entry: an internal key and an external key. Just like the  
> Perseus example.
> Both would be valid for lookup. The external keys for a genbook would  
> be the tree text as we see it today. The internal key would be as you  
> gave examples above.
> I've done this for several projects and it pretty simple to layer on  
> our existing genbook module.
> I'm thinking about doing it synthetically in BibleDesktop for TEI  
> Strong's dictionaries, digging out the <orth> value and allowing the  
> user to choose which to show/search.
> -- DM
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