[sword-devel] GenBook osisID and URIs

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue May 13 13:28:09 MST 2008

Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> writes:
> The original private protocol syntax for Sword (which is what is 
> implemented in BibleCS) is:
> sword://{module}/{key(list)}

This is the syntax that GnomeSword eats.  GS asks to deploy itself in
GNOME's GConf system, if it finds that there is no sword:// handler.  I
can click off the offered test page in FF and GS opens with a new tab on
the specified module+verse.

(As it happens, GnomeSword understands sword:// and bible://
equivalently, but I suspect we should do away with the latter.)

>> And how would one specify, a parallel request?

> I don't think anyone addresses that possibility currently. I'm not sure 
> whether its even desirable, but as long as you're requesting the SAME 
> key(s) from multiple modules, we could use something similar to what you 
> suggest (extending the existing syntax):

> sword://KJV,ESV/Gen 1:10-15

That occurred to me a long time ago, with that exact syntax, without
having implemented it.  But it occurs to me that doing so would be very
close to a no-brainer.  I might do it before GS 2.3.4 gets out the door,
unless Troy manages to get Sword 1.5.11 out the door tonight.

>> Josephus:The_War_of_the_Jews/.Book_1/.Chapter_2/.Section_3/

That's profoundly icky.

> I think simply
> sword://Josephus/The War of the Jews/Book 1/Chapter 2/Section 3
> should work, or
> sword://Josephus/The%20War%20of%20the%20Jews/Book%201/Chapter%202/Section%203

I have URLs like this in actual use...
...because embedded `/' makes me nervous and `+' is the URL space character.


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