[sword-devel] TEI markup support

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue May 13 01:13:45 MST 2008

DM Smith wrote:
> On May 12, 2008, at 7:10 PM, Chris Little wrote:
>> Our plans are to use TEI for dictionary encoding from here forth.
> Chris has started a wiki for how to encode a TEI dictionary. See: http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/index.php/TEI_Dictionaries
> In Sword's svn you can find tei2mod to build the module. It is  
> discussed on the wiki page.

I put up the Win32 compiled version of tei2mod at 
http://crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/sword/utils/win32/ (and all of the 
other utils from current SVN too). It does require icudt38.dll, of course.

I hope to get a sample TEI lexicon or two out in the next day or so.


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