[sword-devel] Farsi locales

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat May 10 08:17:21 MST 2008

There are some typos in the current fa-utf8.conf.

Below is a diff for a corrected version:

I can also email a complete corrected version if the diff below gets
mangled. I would be very grateful if it could be applied soon as the
mistakes affect search badly

God bless you


< I Samuel=اول سمو‌ییل
< II Samuel=دوم سموییل
> I Samuel=اول سموئیل
> II Samuel=دوم سموئیل
< Song of Solomon=غزل غزلها
> Song of Solomon=غزل غزلهای سلیمان
< I Timothy=اول تیموتایوس
< II Timothy=اوم تیموتایوس
> I Timothy=اول تیموتاو‌ٔس
> II Timothy=اوم تیموتاو‌ٔس
< Revelation of John=مکاشفه
> Revelation of John=مکاشفه یوحنا

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